Vision of Khandesh Central
The entire region (in and around Jalgaon) lacks adequate infrastructure for positioning it as a major tourist hub. The region lacks well developed/maintained space where the local community can come for leisure or entertainment. The project envisages filling up of this vacuum by offering affordable accommodation/excellent services and value entertainment for its target audience comprising tourist and the local populace.

Jalgaon, in spite of its unlimited potential, remains a largely untapped and underdeveloped market. Not a single 4/5 star category hotel exists and currently Jalgaon is being serviced by only class II category of hotels. Tourism is one of the main consumers of hotel rooms and lack of the same has led people to travel to other cities like Aurangabad to visit world famous heritage sites like Ajanta & Ellora, although Jalgaon is the closest railway station to Ajanta caves within a distance of 50 km requiring a travel time of only 45 minutes. Existing hotels at Jalgaon do not have proper amenities and there is also a huge demand from Industrial and Commercial houses for good Hotel. No Air-conditioned Banquet facilities of reasonable size exist in the region.

The city has only five operational cinema theatres which are in a sad state at the moment. Multiplex theatres, one of the basic amenities of modern day life are a stark absentee from this bustling trade centre. During market surveys a strong need for a modern amusement centre was felt and Jalgaon is grossly deficient in terms of leisure and amusement options, having only two parks for the recreation of the city’s population. Jalgaon also has facilities like swimming pools and clubs but at isolated locations and not finding much favor with the population on account of poor standards. There are no arrangements for adventure sports or water sports. Amusement parks and indoor entertainment zones are also stark absentees from this high potential region.

The region has no proper gymnasium which will cater to the substantial youth population living in and around Jalgaon. There is no health club or spa which can cater to the affluent population in Jalgaon who can be found in plenty. Deficient yoga facilities and absence of jogging tracks further add to the bleak condition that residents of Jalgaon or neighboring areas find themselves in. Other notable absentees are convention centers for various kinds of receptions that residents of Jalgaon may like to host, museums (considering the rich history of Khandesh region, a botanical garden and leisure area with good quality and well maintained parks.

This project aims to offer the benefits of quality at low and affordable prices for all the above mentioned unmet needs of the consumer. State-of-the-art hotel at Khandesh Central will attract tourists and business travelers from all over India and the world and in the process will lead to the development of the region. Women can shop for house-hold chores and men will find recreation at hand because of the health clubs, swimming pools, gym etc. Kids will have a highly interesting time because of the gaming zones and other numerous forms of recreation being planned in Khandesh Central. By offering water bodies, greenery, neat & clean sitting areas, the project provides for a ‘hang out’ / community gathering area where people can come in the evening and spend some quality time making the area a second home for elders and senior citizens or give it a ‘campus’ like feel to students and youth. The project provides for an open air amphitheatre which would be used for street plays, product launches, realty shows, cultural/commercial shows etc.. It would also be used for the benefit of the local community to organize programs for public awareness and/or training of farmers, traders etc.

The project provides for 2,26,000 sq ft of parking area for four wheelers and two wheelers. This shall be of enormous benefit to the consumers as such facilities are not present in other public destinations in Jalgaon leading to their un-ending harassment. Other proposed areas which could find place in the project are:
  • Banquet halls
  • Farmers’ market – to cater to every requirement of the farmre
The open area is also proposed to be developed into a historical site by preserving the 19th Century Textile mill Chimney. This place shall have information on the history of the Khandesh region apart from other relevant and important information like profiles of great sons of the region including Rani Laxmibai, Ahilya bai Holkar, the region’s contribution to the independence struggle as well as to nation building etc. This educative/informative theme will be used as an extra fillip to attract visitors, tourists and students. In the long run Khandesh Central is envisioned to play a pivotal role in integrating the local populace with the international audience and place Jalgaon on the fast track of development.
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